Cheers! Happy birthday dear H! [心]



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tao and f(x)’s victoria for swarovski

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[V] Our little kids

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welcome to kimjonginet! a network/sideblog dedicated to the main dancer of exo. this network was made for the people who love a support jongin ♡

rules to apply for this network are:

  1. you must be a kpop blog (exo preferably but it’s okay if you’re not).
  2. like/reblog the network post.
  3. link kimjonginet somewhere on your blog before you apply.
  4. track the tag ‘kimjonginet’ for updates.

here are the rules on the blog if you want to look at them there! for any questions, please message the admin!

if this sounds good to you, come apply to be a part of the network!

and thank you val for making the edit for network post :)

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be sweet on (1 / 2)

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heavenly forest

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